Leopard Gecko Vivarium

Leopard Gecko VivariumsDo you have or do you want to have a leopard gecko as a pet? Here are some gecko facts:

The first thing you need to know about leopard geckos is their home. Their home is what people call a vivarium. A leopard gecko vivarium is an enclosure where a leopard gecko is kept. This resembles their natural habitat, or their ecosystem. The vivarium is the most important aspect in keeping an amphibian or reptile, particularly the leopard geckos. Vivariums should be versatile and easily adaptable.  The content and various environmental factors within a leopard gecko vivarium can help with the growth and development of your pets.

Vivariums are much more impressive and well, natural looking. It is really better to give the leopard geckos a house that is very close or quite similar to their natural habitat. They helps them adapt more easily to their new home since they come from the wild. It also makes a great focal point for a room. There are different materials that can be used for constructing a vivarium. It could probably be a wood and high density fiber board. The materials that will be used depends on the preference of the pet owner. But the size of a vivarium depends on the space available on the pet owner’s house and their convenience. It is expected that a vivarium is very heavy since it is made of wood and fiber glass.

The best choice for the front of a vivarium is glass panels. It can be opened from top, back or front. This depends mostly on your preference or style. But the most important thing to consider is sufficient ventilation inside the vivarium. Fresh air should be available all the time. You don’t want your geckos to be suffocated or gasp for air.

A touch of nature such as placing live plants inside the vivarium is conducive for the living condition of the leopard geckos. You can either place potted plants or directly placing soil on the bottom of the vivarium so that you can plant right then and there. Plants provide a more homey environment for your geckos. This will probably complicate the cleaning methods a little bit. However, this is the best way to keep geckos. An insect or two might start living on your man-made ecosystem. But do not worry, as long as these are not harmful to your geckos then it is not a problem.

Aside from plants, the temperature is also very essential. Leopard geckos are thermal regulated creatures. A good temperature will help them digest the food they eat. But you still need to provide a warm side and a cool side. The temperature during day time should be approximately 85F to 90F. On the other hand, the night temperature should just be about 70F to 75F. Various light and heat sources are available today such as reptile heating pads, heat mat, ceramic bulbs and nocturnal bulbs. Hot rocks should never be used since that can severely injure the geckos. Overhead bulbs are more advisable.