Gecko Problems

Gecko ProblemsLeopard Geckos are one of the most popular pets nowadays. There was a dramatic increase in the number of pet enthusiasts that already got a pet Leopard Gecko, including the famous tremper leopard gecko. Leo’s are pretty popular not just for their peculiar sense of cuteness and their adorable nature, but also because of their undemanding status as pets. These creatures are one of the easiest to maintain. As long as you provide them with a good place to live in and enough food, enclosed with love and affection, they can live for 20 long years. Well isn’t that just great? It surely is a pet that stays with you for a very long time. But, as long as Leo care is the case, there are also Leopard Gecko Problems that you should watch out for.

Some of the Leopard Gecko problems can cause a little disruption in the living of these creatures, and some can be life threatening to your beloved pet, so we must always be sure to watch out for them. Leos are usually friendly and they get along well with each other, but there can be some conflicts inside their terrarium due to some issues. These include territorial feuds with two male Leos. They act like humans in a way, especially when they are around females. Another problem is when one of them is better fed than the other one. This can cause a nutritional problem to the other Leo, so make sure that all of your pets have the same share and amount of food and never apply favoritism or any kind of corrupt system upon raising your geckos. Equality is a must.

Apart from the territorial Leopard Gecko Problems, there are also a lot of health problems to consider. One of the most common is Digestive Tract Obstruction. From the name itself, we can already tell that there is an obstruction of the digestive tract mainly the intestines and the stomach when your pet ingests some material that is hard to digest or is too massive for its tract. Some of the objects that cause obstruction are large sized foods sand or pebbles in the tank, or super worms that are said to be hard to digest. It is important to bring you Leo to the vet as soon as possible when you suspect this problem.

Another problem for Leopard Geckos has to do with eating.  Some Leos may suddenly feel the urge to stop eating. When this happens, it can possibly lead to malnutrition, lack of energy and even death if not watched and treated immediately. Another prominent problem for these lizards is shedding problems. These are caused by factors such as lack of humidity in the tank and poorly regulated temperatures in the tank. These problems can be prevented by providing a humid hide inside that tank, and proper amount of water.

Other Leopard Gecko Problems include injury, eye problems and mouth infections. These can be pretty rowdy and serious problems, but as long as you keep a keen observant eye on your pets, these can be easily detected and treated of course with the accompaniment of your wholehearted love for your pets.